Scott County Missouri
Its Prominent Role in Southeast Missouri History
This is the fifth in a series of county histories published by Robert H. Forister. Included are a complete index, twelve sections of appendix, numerous maps many of which are color including several hand-drawn typographic maps which detail relief and political features dating from the 1930s. Also included are many illustrations and charts and census data.

Wayne County Missouri History

"Wayne County Missouri History and My Childhood Memories There" is the fourth in a series of county histories of missouri published by local author-historian, Robert H. Forister. A general history of his native county, the book also melds personal memories of Forister's childhood there in the 1930s and 1940s.

Bloomfield Missouri
Highland in the Swamps
Focused mainly on Bloomfield and Castor Township, Bloomfield Missouri: Highland in the Swamps pays considerable attention yo county, regional, state, and even national history as it relates to conditions and events in Bloomfield; particularly from pre-columbian time to the Civil War and the construction of railroads.

The Complete History of Butler County
Sesquicentennial Edition
A comprehensive source book of information for students, genealogists, historians, and anyone else who has an interest in the historical anatomy of life in the rural Midwest.

History of Stoddard County
The only legitimate published history of Stoddard County, Missouri, covering the county's development from pre-Columbian Indians and early exploration and settlement to county formation and modern times.

Marriage Records of Stoddard County
A soft-bound edition alphabetized by names of grooms, with month, day and year of marriage.

Robert Forister's interest in local history goes back to his childhood years when he accompanied his father on hunting trips in ancestral Wayne County and listened to tales of bygone days around the campfire.He attended one-room elementary country schools in Wayne and Butler Counties, Missouri. 

On his walk to school in Butler, County, he passed by his father's birthplace as well as the homestead of his Civil War veteran great grandfather.  

Records, which are reflected in his book, The Complete History of Butler County, Missouri, show that this same great grandfather attended an 1847 subscription school near there.

Robert's subsequent education culminated in a masters degree from the University of Missouri.  Now a retired elementary school principal, he lives in Stoddard County with his wife, Joan.

Robert has always had a wide range of hobbies and interests which include historical research and creative writing.  From 1971 through the early 1980's his feature column, Smoke Rings, was published in over a hundred weekly newspapers in a dozen central states.

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